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Artists Statement
Glass is Magical! It's enticing and playful. It draws you in to its depths then bounces you out in flash of sparkle. It is sensuous, soft and molten hot yet it can be cold, hard and cutting. It takes you on a journey whether you are viewing it or creating with it. This magical medium, the only known liquid solid on earth, calls to the mad scientist in my heart.

While I was finding my way to this delicious medium, 'IT' was being created. The special coefficient compatible glass used in fusing and casting was invented in the Pacific NW states (late 70's). I was introduced to fusing glass in 2000 and my fate was sealed. Prior to this I'd tried my hand at a few stained glass pieces and played with ceramics, weaving, and home decorating but fusing brought all of my loves together. It's science, it's patience and surrender mixed with surprise and delight. The possibilities - endless and exciting!
Whatever I'm up to ‘balance is key’, the subliminal thread that weaves everything into cohesion. My work is often tactile bringing out the playful side of glass - tempting one to touch the untouchable and tease the mind to wonder “how’d she do that?” Come take a journey through the sublime magic of color kissed shadow and light with me. Come explore the art of fused glass.